Dundee Creative Industries Strategy Website

In mid-2017 Pulse North was approached to undertake the development of the Dundee Creative Industries Strategy website, an interactive document drafted by Creative Dundee. The design of the site was undertaken by Ryan McLeod (Agency of None).

Paraphrased from the document: “Dundee’s Cultural Strategy holds the collective vision and actions for harnessing culture to support the engagement, ambition, achievement, and wellbeing of Dundee’s citizens. This strategy, Dundee’s first ever Creative Industries Strategy has been collaboratively designed to support those in the diverse creative industries who underpin the city’s vibrant cultural sector.”

The site featured a responsive design, interactive sectioning and the ability for users to leave comments on a per-paragraph basis, to allow the community to take a more active role in how the strategy develops over time.

The site can be viewed by clicking the “Visit Website” button below, or by clicking the accompanying image.

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