UK Games Fund Website

In late 2019 Pulse North was approached by the UK Games Fund to completely refresh their existing website. The site was to be stripped back to its core, with only the page structure and blog content held over from the previous version of the site. It was then redesigned in collaboration with the UKGF team, to best portray their revitalised brand image, as well as bring the aesthetic styling of the site up to date with contemporary expectations.

As well as the redesign, the site code was also rebuilt from the ground up with a greater emphasis given to adaptability, client management and optimisation.

The content itself was also given a massive overhaul, with the central goal being to highlight the projects & teams that have been funded by the organisation, as well as demonstrate the key role that the UK Games Fund plays within the games development sector across the UK.

The site can be accessed by using the “Visit Website” button or by clicking the accompanying image.

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