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When the whole world shakes, it’s time to rock ‘n’ roll. So if you’ve got a nagging feeling that your brand isn’t saying what the 21st century needs it to say, then chances are you’re right – ‘ok’ or ‘ordinary’ won’t cut it in a world that’s changing at breakneck speed. Nike, Starbucks, Apple, Google; brands that are really nailing it understand that a strong logo is so much more than a brand stamp, it’s the first impression, the killer chat-up line, your, ‘Hey, we’re here!” – and you’ve got 2 seconds to nail it. So when we set out to design your new identity, what we’re really doing is giving you the kit and kaboodle to elevate your business miles above ‘ordinary’ – so you end up leading the parade, not following it.

Cut the mustard

Maybe you’ve outgrown your existing identity, maybe you’re merging with another brand with big ideas like you, or maybe you just need a double shot of visual vitamin C to get you off the starting block. The good news? You’ve come to the right place. You won’t find any short-cuts, guesswork or ‘just because’ here. Reassuringly, we don’t create logos just to look pretty; we do lots of the smart stuff too, researching, analysing and dissecting until we’re ready to put pen to paper to create the perfect ‘hello’ for your business.

Brands building logo love with Pulse North

Bang the drum

The million-dollar question – is your brand ready to dance to a different beat? We are. So whether you need to build a new identity from the ground up, or want to enhance what you’re already got, we’re ready to take you there, getting to the root of what makes you great so you can pack the punch that’ll bring your customers home. Call it a cunning blend of art and science, a recipe that’s seen us work with some of Scotland’s best known businesses for over ten years. If you’d like to join them, let’s dance!

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