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Hosting your own website is rarely as simple as it sounds – which is why we host the websites of some of Scotland’s biggest, smallest and best businesses (IOHO). They’d rather we took care of the heavy lifting, trusting us to keep their sites blazing-fast, super-secure and always on – aka, frustration-free. So whether you’re B2B, B2C or B2Everyone and anything, it’s time to slip on your loungewear, get comfy and pass the hosting baton to the experts…

The whole shebang

We’re not known for doing things by halves (or even thirds); but what we are known for is going all in, whatever we’re doing. So when it comes to our (very affordable) hosting service, we’ve set up our systems to get the best out of the websites that sit on the most popular platform this side of the moon – WordPress (did you know WordPress powers over a third of all websites?). It’s a system that’s served us – and our customers – very well, allowing us to take care of the full monty so they can focus on what they do best – their business. If you’re looking for effortless, look no further…

All-in, all yours


Optimised for WordPress & Powered by OpenLiteSpeed with LiteSpeed Cache pre-installed; which means eye-poppingly fast load speeds.


Our hosting uses powerful VPS (Virtual Private Servers) with Solid State Storage, delivering a strong, scalable site infrastructure.


Free daily database & weekly filesystem backups – drastically minimising the chance of losing any of your hard work. Tracked uptime monitoring keeps an eye on your site, even when you can’t.


Free installation of Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate for every site and HTTPS Secure Connection as standard – helping protect against hackers (and keeping kittens off your homepage).


Finally, we install a WAF Protection System on every site – which means you, your customers and your reputation are protected against data leaks. Phew!

Take back your business

Long and shorties? We’ve got form in making things easy for our customers – it’s why our web hosting package is so damned popular. Clients get their time and resources back, and their websites find the love they deserve. We liken it to being as close as you can be in this earthly life to your website functioning like the well-oiled machine your business needs. If you’re ready to go all-in, then let’s jump!

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